Organization Design Made Easy: Structure, Process and People

If you’re looking for a page turner on organization design, this is it!  I’ve worked on this book for several years drawing on ideas from my consulting work, as well as my amazing peers.  It’s perfect for new and seasoned managers to C-level leaders.  Please write a review of the book and post the link on your social media!

Book Description

The most popular business books on the market today advise leaders to simply articulate a vision, be inspirational from time-to-time, and leave the rest for employees to figure out.

As an organizational design consultant, Dr. Kevin Anderson has landed at the doorstep of hundreds of teams who have followed this path, only to find them without clear direction, stuck in silos and lacking the structure and processes needed to perform.

This book offers practical advice on how to design your organization. Whether you’re a leader at the top of a large organization, or a supervisor of a small team, here are the practical instructions to address structure, process and people challenges in developing an efficient and functioning organization. And, these same methods can be leveraged by consultants and employees at any level.

Each chapter offers three easy steps to address organizational challenges and opportunities. This means that you get just enough context, process and tips to immediately jump in feet first. Those who do not take the time upfront to craft their organizations leave their success up to chance. 


Be inspired and motivate others

Kevin Anderson, Dr. Organizational Design

Building High Performance Workplaces for Productivity, Fulfillment and Connection

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